North America Hunts


The East Kootenay Region of British Columbia is one of the few places sportsman can hunt Elk during the rut in the archery and rifle season and is home to some of the very best wilderness elk hunting in North … Continue reading

Mule Deer

If you like hunting Mule Deer then you you will truly love hunting these mountain dwelling beauties. Our area enjoys a very healthy Mule Deer population with lots of mature bucks. In 1997, the Kootenay regional manager took steps to … Continue reading

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer in our area primarily inhabit river bottoms of the valley floor. Different from any other species of deer, these mountain Whitetail’s are a must on any Whitetail trophy hunters list. Some excellent bucks are available and early-on success … Continue reading

Shiras Moose

  Total Outdoor Adventures offers a unique hunt for Rocky Mountain Shiras Moose. The moose population, as is the case with all species, is carefully managed throughout British Columbia and is home to some of the largest Shiras Bulls found … Continue reading

Canadian Moose

British Columbia is known for its vast moose population. Our area has a high density of Canada Moose and is known for its trophy size animals. The land provides ideal moose habitat with lots of swamps, lakes, creeks and rivers. … Continue reading

Mountain Goat

Goat Hunt Video Many hunters will testify that goat hunting is a true test of patience, agility, and persistence, some call it the most underrated trophy of North America. These impressive white animals live in some of the most rugged … Continue reading

Big Horn Sheep

The undisputed monarchs of the Rocky Mountains, Bighorn Sheep are among the most sought after trophies in the world. Our guiding territory holds two distinct sheep herds with stable populations. Due to the full curl restriction on rams the hunter … Continue reading

Stone Sheep

Stone Sheep hunting is one of the most demanding hunts but truly rewarding. Quality Sheep areas are hard to find but we are fortunate to hunt an area with a high sheep population and can boost a high success on … Continue reading

Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt Alaskan Brown Bear “ The ultimate bear hunt”. We hunt our brown bears in an area that holds one of the highest concentration of bears in the world. The Alaskan Peninsula! What separates our area from … Continue reading

Black Bear

Black Bear Archery Black Bear Rifle This spring hunt is a great trip for any hunter who enjoys the wilderness and the anticipation of stalking dangerous game. British Columbia has the highest populations of Black Bears in North America and … Continue reading

Africa Hunts

Plains Game Package

We have several Plains Game packages that we can create to suit your needs. It is also a great way to spend quality time with your family in the outdoors. contact us to help you plan your next African Safari.

Namibia Coastal Tour

4 DAYS 4 NIGHTS COASTAL TOUR “ Enjoy the attractive scenery and abundance of Adventures in the Coastal Town of Swakopmund” ITINERARY Day 1: Arrive in Swakopmund, enjoy a Sundowner and Relax. Day 2: Enjoy the morning with a living … Continue reading

Namibia Etosha Park Tour

“Spend 3 Nights in a Village Style Lodge, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and guided tours through the world re-known Etosha Pan.” Day 1: Arrive at the Lodge from your hunting destination, relax and unwind. Day 2: Have an early Breakfast, … Continue reading

Zimbabwe Big 5 Hunts

Every hunter dreams about completing their list with Africa’s big game. Total Outdoor Adventures can make that a reality with our great Big Game hunting destinations. Come hunt Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, Crocodile and Hippo in Africa’s finest hunting concessions. … Continue reading


Come experience the thrill of hunting Africa’s most elusive big cat, the leopard. Total Outdoor Adventures prides its self in hunting large carnivores and specializes in leopard. Join us as we put our wits against this elusive creature with our … Continue reading


  Our Lion Hunts are conducted with one of the best run operations in Africa. Hunters can combine this hunt with a Cape Buffalo and plains game. Consult with our professional team so we can put you on the hunt … Continue reading

South Pacific Hunts

Water Buffalo

Flood plains and billabongs are travelled by airboat until a trophy Water Buffalo is spotted and you have the opportunity to stalk in to take your shot. This is one of the few places where the assistance of airboats have … Continue reading

Wild Pigs

Wild pigs are hunted on half a million acres in the remote North Queensland Gulf country. This area contains literary thousands of wild pig as well as dingoes, salt and fresh water crocodiles and amazing bird life. This area is … Continue reading

Sambar Stag

The Sambar Stag is considered Australia’s premier game animal. The North East Victorian Alps are the picturesque habitat of choice and you will be hunting in semi open eucalyptus forests. Patience while hunting the Sambar is an important element. Time … Continue reading


The strikingly beautiful Chital Stag is hunted on 50 sq miles of open savannah country in far North Queensland. Pigs and dingoes may also be taken at no extra cost to the hunter. The hunting area is a working cattle … Continue reading


Rusa stags are hunted on an extensive 125,000 acre hunting ranch on the Great Dividing Range in Central Queensland. The varied terrain including swampy grass lands lends itself to the Rusa being hunted mainly on foot. The rut is usually … Continue reading

Hog Deer

Here you will have the opportunity to take one of these beautiful species of deer in the wonderful natural environment of the coastal Victorian lakes district. There are very few places in the world where Hog deer can be hunted … Continue reading

Red Stag

The Red Stag is one of the most majestic animals in the world. It was introduced into New Zealand over 150 years ago and some of the best Red Stag are available on the property. These Red Stag range from … Continue reading


Himalayan Tahr live in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and were first introduced to the South Island in 1904. The Tahr can be hunted year round with the prime season being from late April until August. With the males … Continue reading


Chamois arrived in New Zealand in 1907 as a gift from the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph. The first surviving releases were made in the Aoraki/Mount Cook region and these animals gradually spread over much of the South Island. In New … Continue reading

Fallow Deer

In 1864 the fallow deer was first introduced to New Zealand from Europe. They flourish on both the North and South Islands and they are the second most abundant deer in New Zealand, next to the red deer. The Fallow … Continue reading