Differences between Canadian Moose and Shiras Moose!

At Total Outdoor Adventures we offer both Shiras moose and Canadian Moose hunts, though both are in the same family they differ greatly. If your interested hunting moose with us please carefully read through the next part, it will help you decide which moose is better for you. Shiras Moose in British Columbia   The […]

Mountain Goat Hunting in the Rockies

Mountain Goats are known as the toughest big game animal in North America, the majestic Mountain Goat spends its life in the rockiest most rugged terrain around. The Mountain goat spends the spring and summer feeding in newly slid avalanche slides, during this time the Billie’s spend their time with the Nannies and the kids. […]

Grizzly Bear Hunting in Northern BC

On the average day hunting Grizzly,  4 to 12 black bears are seen along with a 1 to 3 Grizzly bears. This is most definitely one of the most successful bear operations in all of BC, we have provided a 100% average over the years, with many of our clients harvesting a grizzly along with […]

Wolf Hunting in Northern British Columbia

Wolves… one of North Americas most renowned predators are lurking all around but without proper preparation and techniques then very few people will be fortunate to see one. At Total Outdoors Adventures we view wolves as a trophy animal but also for game management. We work with some of the provinces most well known wolf […]

Trophy Black Bear Hunting in Northern British Columbia

Total Outdoor Adventures offers trophy black bear hunts north of Prince George, the gateway to Northern British Columbia. With over a 3000 square mile area to hunt, the opportunities are plentiful and the roads are endless. BC Fish and Wildlife estimate there is over 150,000 black bears that call BC its home, and according to […]

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting with TOA.

When  Hunting  Trophy Rocky Mountain Elk with Total Outdoor Adventures in British Columbia the focus will be hunting six point elk or herd bulls. British Columbia regulations state that a hunter can only harvest an elk with a minimum of 6 points on one antler. A point is defined as being 2.5 cm long but does […]