How to Judge Mountain Goats

Scientific Name:Oreamnos americanus Population Worldwide: est. 100,000 Population in British Columbia: est. 50,000 to 55,000 Age Expectancy: 12 Years BC Book minimum score: 49” BC Record: 57 4/8” B&C minimum score: 50” World Record Score: 57 4/8”   Judging a Mountain Goat: Mountain Goats are one of the hardest animals to judge in North America, […]

Spring vs. Fall Black Bear Hunts

Outfitters across North America prefer to hunt clients who want a trophy bear during the spring time, throughout this article I will define their reasonings and my own opinions on the matter to help clients kill their once in a lifetime trophy black bear. If you have already been researching black bear hunts in British […]

Field Judging Black Bears

Black bears are the most challenging animals to judge for trophy quality in North America. Many hunters shoot less than average black bears since they aren’t educated on how to field judge a bear. If you follow the 5 points below, it will allow you to distinguish the difference between an average bear and a […]

Our hunt with the Mexicans

Our 2018 bear season started in the beginning of May, with a late winter and 3 feet of snow in the trees it made the hunting very slow. In the first 5 days of the season we only had spotted a sow with 3 cubs. Jacob took his hounds and tried to strike one but […]

The Differences between Brown Bears & Grizzly Bears

Brown Bears and Grizzlies are genetically the same however Boone Crockett notices them as different. The main difference between the two is geography and diet. Grizzlies reside in interior North America, primarily in the northwest states and Canada. There is approximately 15,000 Grizzlies in BC with an annual harvest of 350 bears per year, in […]

Mountain Lion Hunting in Mountains of British Columbia

If you haven’t followed a pack of cold trailing hounds after a Mountain Lion through the Rocky Mountains then it has to be on your bucket list. To a hounds man there’s nothing more exhilarating then listening to a pack of hounds work a lion track. Total Outdoor Adventures have been leading their clients to […]

Bighorn Sheep Hunting In The Rockies

Bighorn Sheep often referred to as the monarch of the mountain resides in the most rugged yet beautiful terrain found in the Americas. Sheep spend their lives feeding on high alpine slopes in remote basins and escaping to the higher cliffs for security.  A hunt like this requires physical conditioning but also mental, the hunt […]

Archery Black Bear Hunting

Imagine stalking down a green overgrown road, wondering if your bear of a lifetime is feeding around the next corner. Glassing over many miles of alpine slides, log blocks, pristine creeks and countless meadows. This is your typical day of archery hunting spring black bear  with Total Outdoor Adventures. Our unique habitat found in northern […]

Differences between Canadian Moose and Shiras Moose!

At Total Outdoor Adventures we offer both Shiras moose and Canadian Moose hunts, though both are in the same family they differ greatly. If your interested hunting moose with us please carefully read through the next part, it will help you decide which moose is better for you. Shiras Moose in British Columbia   The […]

Mountain Goat Hunting in the Rockies

Mountain Goats are known as the toughest big game animal in North America, the majestic Mountain Goat spends its life in the rockiest most rugged terrain around. The Mountain goat spends the spring and summer feeding in newly slid avalanche slides, during this time the Billie’s spend their time with the Nannies and the kids. […]