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Northern British Columbia Hunting Concession

Our Northern British Columbia Hunting Camp

The location of our Northern area is in the Omineca Region of British Columbia Canada. You will be hunting approximately 3000 square miles of prime habitat for moose, grizzly bear, black bear, wolf and lynx.

This hunting area supports the highest Canadian Moose population throughout the province of British Columbia with antlers spreads 50”-60” plus and the Grizzly and Black bear hunting is exceptional with several record book bears taken each year.

Within the area we also have the trap-line concession and hunters can enjoy a winter trap-line hunt for wolf/lynx in addition to trapping fur-bearing animals.

This BC area is well set up for our hunting clients with six different camps throughout the territory.

Consisting of a main hunting camp; which, is utilized for the base location. The other camps are spread throughout the area so other hunting locations can be easily accessed.

Hunters main transportation methods while hunting are 4x4 vehicle, All Terrain Vehicle, Argo, Jet Boat and by Foot. Horses may be used within the area depending on the seasons.

For more information please contact one of our representatives at info@toaltd.com or call 724-316- 3584.

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