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Black Bears

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Black Bear Hunts in British Columbia!

If Huge Black Bears are on your Bucket List then Total Outdoor Adventures Ltd has the hunt for you! Our Black Bear Population density is one of the highest per square mile in British Columbia. Our hunting area encompasses 3,000 square miles with extremely low hunting pressure.

Since our area is located less than 400 miles from coastal British Columbia, the size and harvest rates of BIG bears are very comparable to those on the coast. The reason the bears are large is due in large part to the habitat and food supply in the area.  The area also has a high level of yearly rainfall and heavy cover resulting in an abundance of lush vegetation. Furthermore, our area has one of the highest densities of moose per square mile adding an additional food source for the bears.

The large area, combined with heavy timber, excellent food source and low hunting pressure results in bears growing to an impressive size. Most black bears harvested measure 6 plus, with many bears taken over 7’ including Boone and Crocket bears taken each season. The skull sizes vary from 18 – 20 plus. Our bears are not only big but the hide quality is exceptional.

Some hunters are fortunate to harvest some great color phase bears including cinnamon, chocolate and blonde. Our success rate is extremely high with many clients taking 2 bears. Hunters can expect to see several Black Bears on their hunt and with a very high percentage of mature boars in the population your chances of bagging a trophy are excellent.

Our black bear hunts are 7 days and take place from May -mid  June. We offer hunts with 2 hunters and 1 guide or 1 hunter and 1 guide. The hunting method is spot and stalk.

Hunters may take a wolf and/or a second black bear for an additional fee.


So give us a call now at 724-316-3584 to book the Ultimate Black Bear hunt that you’ve been dreaming about!


Black Bear Hunting FAQ's

  • Jerry Devine

    This was my third trip to B.C. to hunt with Vince and Total Outdoor Adventures. I keep coming back because I know Vince and the TOA Team will do everything in their power to make my hunt successful. I arrived in Kalispell, MT and got picked up at the airport. This time I was going on a black bear hunt with hounds and felt that I was prepared both mentally and physically. As any houndsman knows the chase is very rarely easy, especially with big B.C. bears on dry ground. I met Vince and Nate at V-Bar Ranch and we then packed up and headed to hunting camp where we met another guide/houndsman Dusty. On the second day of my hunt the strike dog sounded. It sounded like the scent was hot so Vince and Dusty decided to turn out the pack and the chase was on! Many miles later the dogs sounded like they had finally treed so Dusty and Nate headed in first as Vince and I were a few mile away. They arrived at the tree first, Vince and I arrived shortly after to find a big beautiful black bear in the tree. I was able to arrow the bruin with a good kill shot and it was dead when it hit the ground. This black bear measured out to 6 feet 6 inches and was estimated between 500 to 600 lbs. The skull has yet to be officially measured but should have no problem getting entered into Pope and Young book. I then expressed my goal of taking a colored phase black bear. Three days later after some long and grueling chases everything fell into place. The dogs treed a medium sized brown phase black bear. I again was able to arrow the bruin and harvest a 200 lbs. bear. As any houndsman knows, the dogs deserve all the credit. Vince has some of the best I’ve ever hunted with ! thanks again to Vince, Nate and the TOA Team. Sincerely,
Gerard ‘Jerry’ Devine
 Leraysville, PA

    Jerry Devine

  • George Waller

    Vince, thank you again for a great second hunt!  Our bear hunt was amazing and was everything we could have hoped for.  My two sons, Graham and Charlie also had a great time and we can’t wait to come back. When I first met you at the Safari Club International (SCI) convention in Las Vegas I was looking for just the right adventure for me and my two sons.  We spent two days walking around the convention and talking to several outfitters we decided on you and your team.  A mountain lion hunt in East Kootenay region of British Columbia was exciting and something completely different.  We are hunters in Texas, and have hunted a variety of animals, but nothing like that.  Charlie was so proud of his mountain lion and as it turned out it was one of the largest taken in the region.  Graham also harvested a lion and we had one heck of a time tracking it down that mountain!   Our second hunt was in the northern part of British Columbia for black bear.   Wow, you talk about a fair hunt, that was it.  You get just a few seconds to size, aim, and shoot.  My black bear turned out to be absolutely huge, a 22” head and 7 feet long.  Graham’s cinnamon bear was a beauty as well. On a side note, we loved the accommodations on the black bear hunt.  In today’s world of televisions and cell phones, it was an incredible bonding experience for me and my two sons.  Five days in a remote location certainly brings people together.  In addition, we made several new friends on both hunts and we have kept up with all of them. Thanks for a great time and some great memories.  You and your team at Total Outdoor Adventures are awesome, and we look forward to our next adventure.

    George Waller