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Mountain Lion

  • Paul Hogeboom

    A few months have passed since my cougar hunt, this passed December. Often I think of how blessed I am, with good health, the ability to get away from the business of life and a few dollars to spend on things I enjoy. Thank you and the rest of the T.O.A  group for making my time in Cranbrook memorable. Lack of good snow made finding tracks of any kind impossible, after five long  dawn to dusk days your perseverance  and experience paid off with a fresh track. The hounds were soon released and great chase ensued, ( these dogs were awesome) with an unbelievable finish at the tree.    I couldn't have asked for a better adventure.  Oh by the way did I mention that Tom weighed 180lbs. See you guys in 2017.   Paul Hogeboom

    Paul Hogeboom

  • Russell Fazio

    I just wanted to send a big thanks to Total Outdoor Adventures for a very quality Mt. Lion hunt I had the pleasure of being a part of this past January of 2016. Although we struggled to find tracks due to cold temperatures and slow movement of cats, I was kept focused and optimistic thanks to my guide!! Even though we succeeded in treeing a big female part way thru the week I decided to pass and try for a tom after much indecisiveness my guide helped persuade me that this was the right decision. The guide stayed consistent in his efforts with me and the adventures we had in those eight days helped keep me positive and optimistic that we would prevail. Midway through the last day of our hunt I conceded to the fact that I would probably have to return to achieve my goal. I had no problem with that because he gave 110% in his hunting efforts throughout the week. I was already excited to return and have to do it all over again with him. The guide was relentless in his efforts to find tracks and low and behold with only 4 hours of daylight left we found a track worth pursuing. This was the cat we had been looking for!! I was so confident in his excitement that I almost couldn’t hold it together. His words over the last couple days stuck in my head “its not over till its over Russ and even then its still not over ;)” With the use of TOA’s snowmobiles we got the hounds to the track and the chase was on and I was presented an opportunity to harvest a beautiful trophy Mt.Lion with darkness upon us. I was filled with excitement but was still able to make a clean shot with my bow. I experienced one hell of a hunt for 8 full days. On my way home I was extremely glad to have had the honor of harvesting such a magnificent trophy but at the same token was disappointed that I wouldn’t have to return to hunt next winter… I’ve been on many hunts throughout my 58 years and this was one that will always keep me smiling! I was fortunate enough to watch my son take a great bull elk several years before this hunt with TOA and will be in contact soon for I will pick another species to hunt with Total Outdoor Adventures. Until then, thank you, I will be back !!! Russell Fazio Pittsburgh, PA

    Russell Fazio

Mountain Lion Hunts in British Columbia!

The mountain lion population in our area of British Columbia speaks for itself. We hunt specifically for trophy toms averaging 150 lbs to 180 lbs. Toms occupy large territories (approximately 25 square miles) and resident males do not overlap ranges. However transient Mt lions do move through occupied ranges. The above statement refers to Mt lion behavior and the reason our success is high is due to the vast areas our operation has to hunt mountain lions.

Having over 10,000 square miles of hunting territory allows our clients a good opportunity to harvest a trophy tom.  A typical hunting method begins with the location of a fresh Mt lion track. In order to achieve this goal, snow conditions are critical in order to visually locate a track. While success runs high hunters need to have a strong mental frame of mind to persevere through potential unexpected weather conditions.

You will be hunting alongside experienced dog handlers and cat trackers along with Total Outdoor Adventures strong pack of treeing walker hounds. These hunts are conducted during December and January with the use of 4×4’s and snowmobiles to access this remote mountain lion country.

Be prepared for anything from 1 – 6 hour long chases in steep snowy terrain as these are very smart and agile predators.

Hunts are conducted 2 hunters with 1 Guide or 1 hunter to 1 guide ratios and for those hunters looking to upgrade to a combination hunt, lynx, bobcat and wolf are available for an additional fee.

So give us a call now at 724-316-3584 to book the Ultimate Mountain Lion hunt that you’ve been dreaming about!


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