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Shiras Moose

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Shiras Moose Hunts in British Columbia!

Total Outdoor Adventures offers a unique hunt for British Columbia Shiras Moose.  The moose population, as is the case with all species, is carefully managed throughout British Columbia and is home to some of the largest Rocky Mountain Shiras Bulls found anywhere averaging 700lbs to 1000lbs.  Our area consistently produces 40” to 50” bulls with 55” plus bulls a real possibility. The archery season begins in September and offers bow hunters the chance to hunt these bulls during the peak of the rut in early October. If you haven't experienced hunting moose during the rut then you are in for a thrilling experience as bulls become very aggressive responding to calls and seemingly fearless. The rifle season begins in mid October when moose are at the tail end of the rut and has proven to be equally as exciting.  In past seasons we have enjoyed a very high success rate in our area with 75% on archery hunts and 90% on rifle hunts. 

 These large ungulates typically habituate marshy valley bottoms but have also been located at high elevations as well.  Horses are always ready and available to take you into remote drainages accessed only by horseback or foot for a more challenging hunt. Hunter's should be prepared for both methods of hunting depending on weather conditions.  We recommend you book this popular hunt well in advance of your targeted hunting season as tags are very limited.

So give us a call now at 724-316-3584 to book the Ultimate Shiras Moose hunt that you’ve been dreaming about!


Shiras Moose Hunting FAQ's

  • John Garr

    I booked a hunt for Shiras Moose last year with Bull River Outfitters. I had a great guide. The conditions at the time of my hunt could not have been worse. It was too warm with a full moon, but Nate worked extremely hard to get the job done. I shot my bull on day four in a beautiful mountain meadow. I saw tons of game and would highly recommend a hunt TOA, especially for the numerous Elk and Mountain Goats. It is a good, comfortable, fun camp, and I will be coming back. John Garr Los Alamitos, Ca.

    John Garr